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High Hedges

Subject: High Hedges
From: Ian McDonald
Date: Dec 21 2006 15:17:45
Dear All


I am grasping with the problems associated with the High Hedge regs and
in particular where there were pre-existing hedges, I have one case
where a house was built 1.4m from Leylandi that were at least 5m tall
when the house was built and are now around 15m high. There is a kitchen
window looking at this hedge! 


The particular hedge-line (or rather tree-line) is about 100m long,
though not all of the length is evergreen trees. However, were it all
evergreen, how great a length should be cut back. The guidance helps
where the hedge is at 90 degrees to the hedge, but doesn't say this
should apply if the window looks onto the hedge. Equally in the FAQs on
the Communities site is decidedly vague over the length to be cut to
give light to a window overlooking the hedge.


Finally, for now, have many of you had cases go to appeal and has PINS
come up with any interesting and helpful case law yet?


Many thanks.


Ian R. McDonald


Ian R. McDonald

Technical Officer, Engineering

Blaby District Council

tel 0116 XXXXXXX


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