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Subject: Re: ICF
From: Mark Page
Date: Dec 21 2006 16:16:24

I take it congratulations are required? If so well done.

How well I remember that day 13 or 14 years ago when the postie came with my ICF pass. A couple of mates had received their results the night before and phoned to celebrate/commiserate/find out and I had nothing to tell them.

A sleepless night passed, and in the morning I paced up and down for hours, pressing my nose against the window: 'The postie cometh not!' I thought (this was the west coast of Scotland).

Eventually the little red van made its' appearance at the filling station opposite me (The penultimate drop to me). Having delivered to the filling station he took a double take as he walked to his van, decided to check the tyres and then wash the $*_&_*"$! thing!

By the time he came to my door I was in such a fever that I had almost lost control of my bodily functions and rational communication with my wife had fled.

But come he did and he asked my wife to sign for the recorded letter. A recorded letter meant a pass, I had been informed, and was later able to confirm.

After that the day improved.


Mark B Page
Chartered Forester
07775 XXXXXX
01361 XXXXXX

Mark Carter wrote:
Hearty congratulations to everyone who made it through the ICF interview
this year, the timing of the result is perfect as an early Christmas
Best regards,

Mark Carter

MICFor.  M.Arbor.A.  Dip. Arb. (RFS)

Managing Director - MJC Tree Services Limited


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