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Re: High Hedges

Subject: Re: High Hedges
From: LaneRowe
Date: Dec 21 2006 16:41:53
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The  particular hedge-line (or rather tree-line) is about 100m long,
though not  all of the length is evergreen trees. However, were it all
evergreen, how  great a length should be cut back. The guidance helps
where the hedge is at  90 degrees to the hedge, but doesn't say this
should apply if the window  looks onto the hedge. Equally in the FAQs on
the Communities site is  decidedly vague over the length to be cut to
give light to a window  overlooking the hedge.

Finally, for now, have many of you had  cases go to appeal and has PINS
come up with any interesting and helpful  case law yet?

I have found the same in that the guidance although extensive lacks  
specifics in a number of areas, but then the given shear diversity of 
possible  cases 
it is not surprising.  From my tentative communications with DCLG it  seems 
that if it isn't spelt out in the guidance then its up to us to make a  
judgement, which neatly brings us to the next point,
I do my best to justify my reasons in laymans terms and address both  parties 
concerns, although sadly I think you are rarely going to have two  satisfied 
parties.  My colleague has two case (I think) before PINS and I  have at 
one.  As yet nothing to report but I suspect this is the only  route through 
which we will get more detailed guidance.
I suppose it comes down to reasonableness and thats pretty subjective at  the 
best of times so I think we just have to state our case and let PINS sort it  
So far I  have been able to implement the BRE Calculated Action Height  on 
only one of the three cases requiring remedial notices.  The other two  had 
be greatly reduced otherwise the hedges would look like a helicopter  crash 
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