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Re: Non invasive cable brace

Subject: Re: Non invasive cable brace
From: Pete Hughes
Date: Dec 21 2006 17:27:21
Thanks for your interesting thoughts Jerry.

Merry Xmas to you too.



Jerry Ross wrote:
Pete Hughes wrote:

Jerry Ross wrote:
But if a brace is justified, other than in special circumstances (e.g. where a valuable decay-prone species really needs extra support), I'd go for steel every time.
Jerry, just wondering why you'd go for steel everytime (just curious, not criticising!)



In those cases where bracing really is the solution, steel's stronger, more reliable and not so prone to degradation ; and as a result it isn't so dependant upon rechecking, maintenance, replacement etc. (as has been said, over the lifetime of a tree, how many cobra braces get checked at the appropriate intervals (and I notice no-one's actually answered Jon's original query about what IS appropriate...) And almost the most important - they're so very much less obtrusive. A Cobra may be a talking point, but that because it shouts "Here I am", whereas you often have to search for a steel cable.

Cobra's quicker to fit, of course, but any cost benefit to the customer is likely to be offset by the need for ongoing care and frequent adjustment/replacement.

And the benefits of it being non-invasive is, I suspect, hugely over-stated in most cases. How many of us have NOT hit some metal object that had become ingrown to a tree, with no sign of ill effect to anything except the saw?

On the other hand, the point I was trying to make about decay-prone species was not that one should anticipate decay by bracing, but that drilling holes will CAUSE (or rather permit) decay. In those cases I'd certainly agree that non-invasive is better. I remember taking down a Walnut with three cables fitted and at each bolt insertion there was bark death and decay, with one branch having broken at that point... (And as far as I recall, that was a case where the tree's original structure wasn't such that the braces were needed in the first place. The cabling had actually caused its demise!)

Christmas beckons (family round tomorrow) so I'm off.
Have a good'n one and all!

Jerry R

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