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Re: Non invasive cable brace

Subject: Re: Non invasive cable brace
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 22 2006 12:01:25
Like anything else, cable bracing requires some thought and understanding of 
good practice.  The first issue as you note in this case is whether the brace 
is needed in the first place.  Another is the ratio of drilled hole size to 
stem size.  ANSI A300-Part 3 specifies this.  I can't say with this observed 
I've ever seen branches break at attachment points.  Another issue is the 
vigorousness of growth.  In some species - and the literature observes this - 
you are really looking for callus and woundwood overgrowing the hardware to 
provide the long term holding power.

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  There were zones of dead bark spreading from around each insertion point 
  - oval areas of necrotic (and in some cases decaying) tissue on both 
  sides where the bolts passed through; they weren't present other than at 
  the bolt insertions and as far as I was concerned provided a very 
  positive correlation between making holes in walnut and causing damage 
  to develop.

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