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Re - High Hedges

Subject: Re - High Hedges
From: Wendy Thomas
Date: Dec 22 2006 12:04:09
Thanks to all of the contributors to UKTC for info, chuckles, discussion, 
musings and more throughout the year -  
I have to confess to being one of the lurkers but hope the following is of 
assistance, you can contact me off forum if you want to discuss further

So far we have received 14 High Hedge Complaints ( 1 yet to be assessed)

8 remedial notices issued without appeals

1 remedial notice issued, waiting to see if appeal lodged

1 appeal to be determined

1 appealed and dismissed - decision based on action hedge height

1 appealed and led to change in remedial notice,  (3 trees 15-17m high action 
hedge ht 11.91m) original remedial notice required reduction to 9m maintain 
no higher than 10m(this being based on site inspections notes re 
condition/form of trees/impact) inspectors remedial notice requires reduction 
to 11m (maintain at no higher than 12m) and crown lift to 4m.  

1 appeal where we did not issue a remedial notice and case report only was 
sent out, reason was the very strange juxtoposition of properties and on 
balance we gave more weight to owners privacy rather than adverse impact on 
complainants 1 dining room window with dual aspect (hedge several sections 3 
- 4.3m high, action hedge height for garden 4.27 and corrected for windows 
2.6m hedge regularly maintained).  Inspectors remedial notice issued 
requiring reduction of the first 5.5m of the hedge to 2.5m (from existing 
4.3m height) and to maintain no higher than 3m, reason given being the 
overbearing impact on the outlook from the rear window and reduction in light 
reaching it to an extent which adversely affects the reasonable 
enjoyment...... - no info in inspector's report to indicate how the 5.5m 
arrived at but I note that if 5.5m is entered as the closest distance from 
hedge to centre of window in the spreadsheet to calculate action hedge height 
then the overall action hedge height is the same as the corrected action 
hedge height for garden.  Does this make any sense?

FYI Hedge Height and Light Loss book by Paul Littlefair Para 5.2 - Hedge 
directly opposite window action hedge ht is distance to hedge in metres 
divided by 2 + 1m.  

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all

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