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Dampness caused by trees

Subject: Dampness caused by trees
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jan 02 2007 10:52:05
How do others respond to the complaint that 'this tree is making the wall of my house damp?' How much effect does wind-sheltering and light-shading (let's say by a biggish evergreen) really have on a building?
Does it actually result in penetrating damp?
How can it be demonstrated that a tree does or does not cause dampness without the practical (but rather final) experiment of felling it?
Has anyone carried out that experiment and if so, with what results?

And, is there any literature on the subject?
(Anyone know if the BRE book "Understanding dampness" would justify its £42.50 cover price, or is it all about bridged cavities and blocked airbricks?)

Jerry R

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