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manky woodland and misc provisions

Subject: manky woodland and misc provisions
From: Portia Howe
Date: Jan 02 2007 14:21:11
  Hi All,
  I work in Staffordshire for a local authority, so not surprising that the 
first phone call I had today after the new year included ??and as we know 
trees fall over and kill people..?. This weekend's events show, of course, 
its sadly (tho' fortunately rarely) true. 
  I have an ongoing  problem with an overmature woodland, privately owned, 
next to gardens, houses and the usual stuff, played in by kids and sat in by 
fishermen. The trees (mainly oak, sycamore and horse chestnut) are all the 
same age and the woodland has seen better days. Every so often a piece of 
wood or tree falls down and the locals get on the phone. The owners (a local 
firm) are indifferent to the woodland and our urging of them to face up to 
the state of the trees.
  Following the latest falling bits of tree and phone call (today) my boss is 
interested to know whether anyone has used  misc provisions with regards to a 
woodland rather than an individual or small group of trees. Personally I?m 
not aware of it being done and feel its beset with problems. However I?d be 
grateful if anyone has done this (or thought about this) and would share what 
came of it.
  Thanks ? and a happy new year!

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