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Re: manky woodland and misc provisions

Subject: Re: manky woodland and misc provisions
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jan 03 2007 10:33:52
In a message dated 03/01/2007 10:11:02 GMT Standard Time, writes:

It  assumes, as we did, that the provisions would be exceercised on a tree by 
tree  basis. but only where there is a clear need.

Is there no duty of care to the fishermen and children? It sounds like the  
whole thing might be better off if it was fenced off and left to natural  
regeneration, so University experiment? 
Or TPO it, grant aid some management work? Yeah; fat chance....
As an out of the box idea tell the owners you'd grant permission for a  
couple of houses if the development could be made conditional on the woodland 
being managed properly in future. And I mean as 'woodland' not as a shaggy 
with trees. A woodland TPO ought to give you some leeway to protect regen and 
thus some understorey as well?
Difficult, you'll need some imagination as well as money.
IMO, as a country we've got shed loads of problems building up in stacks of  
little patches of urban woodland, their potential for preserving biodiversity 
is  being eroded by heavy use, misguided management (clearing of dead wood) 
and the  failure to take down the odd large tree and thus stimulate natural 
regen. Some  of this is not helped by TOs who are not really TOs but 
failing to  understand how woodland will work all by itself if you just give 
chance. The  preservation of individual trees is not necessarily a good thing 
in all  instances and failing to look to the future tree population is an 
under-rated  problem.
Sorry not much help.

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