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Re: Suitable tree

Subject: Re: Suitable tree
From: John . Blessington
Date: Jan 03 2007 11:11:57

Jonathan, with regard to 're-aligning my auto-species exclusion!!' it may
be psychologically helpful to consider that there are many useful cultivars
of both pseudoplatanus and campestre (or even platanoides). Campestre is
genuinely native and one of our most attractive trees too. Whilst most of
the cultivar selections aren't properly native the same goes for much of
the regular planting stock available too, at least till more recent times.
I've used quite a few campestre 'Elsrijk' to good effect (at least to
date). Go for a cultivar which best fits your needs and you'll feel you've
better earned your money.  Being native (or better again 'local'), is fine
and good, in fact excellent, but only where appropriate. Use it as a
benefit, not a millstone. Where site type matching is demanding forget it
and go for the best match. I feel we often ignore the cultivar diversity
available to us within most species , possibly because of occasional
failures due to wrong choice or simply lack of knowledge of specific
cultivars (hence the over use of better known ones e.g pryrus 'Chanticleer'
because we all know it works). We could really do with a site (perhaps part
of AIE?) where there is a listing of species and cultivars where we can all
post successes and failures against noting the site conditions that
applied. Could become an invaluable reference of practical 'local' honest


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