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manky woodland and misc provisions

Subject: manky woodland and misc provisions
From: Portia Howe
Date: Jan 04 2007 11:32:49
Yes, Bill, there is a duty of care towards the anglers, kids etc but reading 
the Misc Prov Act our involvement is dependant upon the adjacent land 
owner/occupier being concerned about the safety of their land, or the 
woodland owner themselves being concerned and unable to do anything about it 
(just wish they were concerned!). In our instance then  its the neighbouring 
land owner that is concerned so presumably our remit only addresses the trees 
that pose a danger to their land and not the wider issue of people using the 
wood. How you convince someone that it is in their interest to exercise their 
duty of care if they don't want to take notice of a friendly letter - I don't 
know - any ideas?

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