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Re: Trees in Conservation Areas

Subject: Re: Trees in Conservation Areas
From: Jonathan Mills
Date: Jan 05 2007 11:45:01
Hear Hear!!

BUT as LA are required to do ever more 'consultation' with stake
holders ie residents. Regardless of the legal requirements the section
211 notice with its consulation periods could be suitable methodology
to acheive your government targets for consultations and community

I know several authorities where if a tree is to be felled all local
members need to be notified. Not so they can object, only that when
their phone starts ringing they have an answer.

As Telford is such a great place good parks and green spaces I am sure
there must be a high interest in environmental issues. It all goes to
show how much of a hot subject trees are in this day and age.

Jonathan Mills

On 05/01/07, Wallbank, Alan <> wrote:

I agree, and have tackled this particular member - word used advisedly -

I can justify my decision, but what I wanted to clarify was that I would
be fully within my rights to state to him, publicly if need be, that we
do not need LPA consent to fell trees is I, as TO, make a professional
decision to fell trees. The sheer waste and circularity of giving a
notice that will wing its way back to my own desk for my own opinion is
just wasteful and I don't want to engage in that kind of crap!

Trouble is Bill we are victims of a requirement to consult stakeholders
that goes all the way back to LA21 and Rio and so on, and it gums up the
works something awful! A guy should be trusted to do his job properly
without the needless input of uninformed opportunists. And that's my
grump for the day. Enjoy the weekend!


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I would,  of course, like to shut him up by having chapter and verse as
a last  resort.

You could point out what a waste of money it would be to make an
application/notice of intent to yourself only for this to be nodded
through...  Of course you could give the Secretary of State notice of
intent and cost the  taxpayer even more money.

You could suggest that the politician commissions his own expert to give
him an opinion, at his own expense of course, just to prove you that you
had not acted prudently?

It does annoy me why some of you LA bods don't just turn round and tell
these puffed up politicians that they're your representatives just as
much as they're everybody elses and that by and large we'd all be a lot
more impressed with em if they actually did a bit of thinking before
letting their stupid
mouths run away with em!

Huh! Bah! etc.


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