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Re: Trees in Conservation Areas

Subject: Re: Trees in Conservation Areas
From: Jonathan Mills
Date: Jan 05 2007 12:46:43
On 05/01/07, John Hearne <> wrote:
Alan wrote:
>whenever there are trees of any importance or
particular sensitivity involved we notify members or leaflet>

Important or sensitive in whose opinion? After too many years experience
I still get surprised by the outcry at some works, and the complete
silence following others. 211 notifications to yourself are easily
incorporated into routine procedures and give the opportunity for
comment. If you haven't got 6 wks then the work is probably exempt

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In reality, it is what you can do with the resources you have. If you
have a flare up every so often so be it, it is not unsual. If you can
not fit the 211 notice into your schedule thats ok there are loads of
authorities who don't either.

Selective consultantion (it should be called something different
because generally you are informing not asking) works more or less
most of the time.

In my experience there is always one member who is the big pain in
A*se. I have always tried to get them on side by inviting them to see
everything that goes on in the tree section. They rarely came but at
lest it felt better than saying F off.

At the end of the day you get paid regardless of what you actually do
for Telfords trees. Which I might add again are really nice, in fact I
think everyone should visit Telford!!

Jonathan Mills
17 Westhead Road North
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