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Re: Trees in Conservation Areas

Subject: Re: Trees in Conservation Areas
From: John . Blessington
Date: Jan 05 2007 13:39:33

<<Jonathan Mills wrote: 'Selective consultation (it should be called
something different
because generally you are informing not asking) works more or less
most of the time.'>>

You're bang on Jonathan, we rarely if ever consult in this country - don't
trust the public I guess or much care what they think perhaps. We might
give them a choice between two predetermined options or a right (limited or
otherwise) to object, but rarely if ever do we say 'here is a tree, what do
you think should be done with it?'. Same goes for just about every other
form of public activity. A few years ago a group of visiting Indian
Foresters took the FC to task about their 'consultation process' which they
concluded was no such thing as the public had no real say about how they
would like the woodlands managed or otherwise, what benefits they hoped to
derive, or by what means. The details of agreed schemes were merely made
public for 28 days for approval, objection or more normally ignored and
neglected.  We can't really expect the public to become involved or
informed or active citizens (or say become informed about environmental
issues or global warming) if we make no effort to involve them or make all
the decisions on their behalf, hence more often than not we're just left
responding to the awkward squad and people with a particular motivation who
hence become unrepresentatively influential.


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