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Re: Suitable tree

Subject: Re: Suitable tree
From: Jonathan Warren
Date: Jan 05 2007 15:02:26
Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  Its a good idea but I agree with John it
needs to sit somewhere that is easy to think of or know about.  Its a
good idea but its marketing it that really counts and ensuring it
doesn't just sit there.

I also think the lack of response must indicate that most arbs have
this covered already.


Jonathan 05/01/2007 14:29:33 >>>

Well I'd obviously support any efforts you we willing to input to this
having flown the idea, but if arbs were to use it, let alone update it,
would have to sit somewhere they'd know and think to look for it -
AIE. Obviously for anything to do with AIE you'd need to contact Chris
Skellern of this forum to see what might be done. That said there has
hardly been an avalanche of support for the concept which might just
indicate it wouldn't receive the requisite amount of input either?
offer though.

<<I'm pretty serious on this, as some of you may recall I was working
on a
project to put my data together, unfortunately my requirements were
beyond my own capabilities and were too costly to outsource. What this
appears to need is something much simpler, not too hard at all
(relatively speaking). I'm already working on a cultivar DB for
species, if this gets done too then all that will remain (to get my
initial concept up) will be the complicated bit in the middle.
Any comments anyone?

Tahir wrote: wrote:
We could really do with a site (perhaps part
of AIE?) where there is a listing of species and cultivars where we
can all post successes and failures against noting the site
applied. Could become an invaluable reference of practical 'local'
honest info.

Ever looked at ? A place like that which allowed
registered members to add their comments would be pretty easy to

I could do some research if anyone's interested.>>


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