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Re: Suitable tree

Subject: Re: Suitable tree
From: John . Blessington
Date: Jan 05 2007 15:23:42

<<Jonathan Warren wrote: '...Its a good idea but.....I also think the lack
of response must indicate that most arbs have this covered already'

John Blessington wrote: '...We could really do with a site (perhaps part of
AIE?) where there is a listing of species and cultivars where we can all
post successes and failures against noting the site conditions....'>>

Jonathan, you may be right but if 'arbs have this covered' perhaps someone
can kindly share exactly how and where they have it covered to  a) save
Tahir a lot of unnecessary work and b) enlighten my ignorance.

By the way have people looked at Tahir's suggestion? The PFAF site looks
really good:



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