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Re: Suitable tree

Subject: Re: Suitable tree
From: Pete Hughes
Date: Jan 07 2007 19:47:53
I think a lot of what's important from the arb point of view will be related to the factors that determine whether a particular specie/cultivar can thrive (or otherwise) in an urban environment - soil compaction, tolerance to salt, tolerance to pollution, tolerance to urban microclimates etc. etc.

There is already a lot of research on these factors, but what I would like to see is information for a wider range of species, with the aim of increasing the 'palette' of species available to landscape designers. At the moment there is something of a chicken-and-egg situation (or Catch 22??) - designers can currently only be confident specifying a limited number of species/cvs that have a history of success in urban plantings, therefore nurseries only grow what they know will sell, therefore designers are limited to specifying species that they know are readily available at a reasonable cost....... (I have to say, Barcham Trees have made sterling efforts in widening the range of species available). It would be nice to know the experiences of arb professionals as this help improve our knowledge and hopefully this would allow us to take a few more risks in planting less common trees.


Tahir wrote:
One thing I'd really like to know are what susceptibilities and tolerances are important for the arb world that we may not have previously considered looking at it from an orchard perspective.


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