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Re: Suitable tree

Subject: Re: Suitable tree
From: Tahir
Date: Jan 08 2007 10:31:00
Just to clarify this is what I'm planning to do, NONE of this has been done so far:

1. Create a cultivar DB for orchard species at, I'm starting on collating data for that today

2. Create a tree DB using as the base data source, the idea is that folk like you can supplement/amend that data, this is the bit that I''d hope you lot at UKTC will be heavily involved in, e.g. there's hardly any cultivar data for any of the PFAF species.

3. Create a tree planting/yield recording application that will use both of the other sites as data sources. This is what drove me initially but it can't happen till the other two components are completed, so probably looking at 2008 now.

Neither I nor my partner in this venture are in it for the money, we're both passionate about trees, fruit trees primarily (almost exclusively so in my partner's case), but as the idea has developed it seems obvious that it should encompass all trees planted for whatever purpose. We're hoping to have some kind of sponsorship for both of the first two phases, this could be via DEFRA but we'd prefer private money. We anticipate the cost to be around £5000 for each of the first 2 phases, if we can't attract sufficient sponsorship we'll use our own money to pay for development and then look to something like google ads to pay off our costs.

There is no profit element to any of these projects, it's just about getting data out there in a format that people from tree virgins to experts can interact with in a useful way.


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