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Subject: Soundbites
From: Chris Hastie
Date: Feb 15 2007 15:01:05
After the storms the other month I was phoned by a journalist who
questioned me about various things, mostly to do with a very large horse
chestnut by the side of a busy road which managed to blow over and do no
harm to anything except a lamp post.

Trying to explain the nuances of risk management to her and knowing
everything I said was going to be massively dumbed down, I started to
wish I had a few soundbites at my fingertips. So perhaps it would be
handy if we put our collective heads together to come up with some.

Here's some starters... 

According to the HSE's draft Sector Information Minute, currently
available from <> and
<>, the risk in any one
year of being killed by a tree in a public space in the UK is about 1 in
20 million. 

According to my pocket calculator and rusty memory of 'A' level maths,
if you buy 1 national lottery ticket each week for a year, the 'risk' of
you winning the jackpot at least once in that year is 1 in 268 920.

A regular lottery player is 75 times more likely to win the lottery
jackpot than be killed by a tree in a public space.

Total accidental deaths in the UK number over 12 000 per year.
(<>, dataset ST31721)
About 6 of these are due to trees (HSE draft SIM)

You are 2000 times more likely to die from some other type of accident
than by being hit by a falling tree

3 501 people were killed in road traffic accidents in the UK in 2005

You are around 600 times more likely to be killed in a road accident
than by a falling tree

Any more suggestions?

Chris Hastie
Strategy Officer (Arboriculture)
Warwick District Council

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