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Re: laser rangefinders

Subject: Re: laser rangefinders
From: Jim
Date: Dec 20 2007 16:45:20

I have been using a truepulse for the past 2 years - fantastic time saver if you do allot of survey work I wouldn't be without one.

It is not suitable for measuring DBH for 5837 as it just takes a side view of the stem and trees are not round - for forestry work estimating yields etc where loads of trees are measured but individuals are not important it may be sufficiently accurate.

Lasers do suffer during heavy rain fog or snow - the laser bounces off the water rather than the object you are aiming it at so readings can fail - this is obvious with really bad conditions but sometimes is not so obvious if conditions are intermediate.

Latest models can also of set distances against internal compass for GPS plotting and have a two shot sequence to measure the distance between a branch and a powerline/building etc using simple height distance triangulation

Also good for measuring third party trees from a distance/ over the garden fence.


Jim Richardson
Woodsman Arboricultural Consultancy


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Subject: laser rangefinders

Morning all

Does anyone have any advice over what to look for when buying one of these?

Can they measure dbh and crown spread to sufficient accuracy for 5837 for instance?


Graham Joyce
B Sc (Hons), Dip Arb (RFS), M Arbor A, Tech Cert Arbor A

Dartmoor Tree Surgeons Ltd
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