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Re: laser rangefinders

Subject: Re: laser rangefinders
From: LaneRowe
Date: Dec 21 2007 09:14:11
Thank you Dom, I have two laser range finders, are you suggesting therefore  
that I am doubly lazy????
Graham - I have the Leica Disto - this provides a red target dot visible on  
the target.  Vary accurate +/- 5mm and good for 100m but you will have to  
have a magnified view finder at that range.  The laser provides a linear  
measurement but it is not corrected for slope.
The forest ace is extremely good however the 'red dot' is a siting target  
and does not appear on the target so you may not be getting the distance you  
want, it corrects measurements for slope, does heights, girth and a whole 
of techie stuff I don't understand.
Both useful, most especially when you need to plot offsite trees  
conveniently left of the topo.
Have a very good CHRISTmas.
Kind regards
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