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RE: Adventitious and dormant buds

Subject: RE: Adventitious and dormant buds
From: GuyM
Date: Dec 21 2007 23:13:47
Here in the US, "adventitious" means newly arisen.  These buds are newly 
formed.  "Dormant"--latent, or more precisely stated, suppressed buds, are 
carried along in the cambium as the tree expands.  Shoots from these 
preexisting buds are more likely to form buttresses, and thus be more stable.

I have often heard that thinning is always better than reducing, but have not 
seen much evidence of this.  It is repeated so often without scientific or 
any other support, I fear it has taken on mythic proportions.

The attached article from Arborist News on pruning storm-damaged trees is 
five years old.  It met with a hue and cry when it came out but now I know of 
no one who disagrees with it, not publicly anyway.  I've been doing 
restoration pruning on these trees, and find a marked difference between 
growth from adventitious and dormant buds. 

 Ed Gilman's site has excellent descriptions of how to select the best 
sprouts and train them into branches. See pages 6 and 7 here for an example:

Guy Meilleur
se usa

Guy Philip Meilleur
ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist
"ISA Certified Tree Worker & Utility & Municipal Specialist 
Member, American Society of Consulting Arborists
Better Tree Care Associates
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