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Re: Adventitious and dormant buds

Subject: Re: Adventitious and dormant buds
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 24 2007 08:39:28
In a message dated 21/12/2007 23:14:13 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I have  often heard that thinning is always better than reducing, but have 
not seen  much evidence of this.  It is repeated so often without scientific 
any  other support, I fear it has taken on mythic  proportions.

Same here Guy, along with the idea that cutting branches off kills roots.  If 
this was absolutely the case then coppicing wouldn't work and it quite  
plainly does, albeit not with all species of course.
Dunno what goes on in the US of A but round here the routine of pruning  
street trees quite severely is, er, routine, sometimes quite severely. Do we 
vast numbers of such trees dying? No. Some streets' trees round Sheffield  UK 
must be on their 5th or 6th cycle of crown reduction, and growing in  quite 
horrendous tarmac-surrounded conditions; still they survive, apparently  
happily. The occasional loss can usually be attributed to something other  


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