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RE: Adventitious and dormant buds

Subject: RE: Adventitious and dormant buds
From: Mike Ellison
Date: Dec 24 2007 10:54:39
I can't lay my hands on sources at the moment but 'dormant' buds
originate from the primary shoot (original buds growing outwards with
each annual xylem increment) and adventitious buds occur when any
meristematic tissue, other than a primary shoot, produces bud initials.
There is research (that I have referenced on uktc in another thread),
which suggests that some species, Quercus robur for example, don't
produce adventitious buds and all of their epicormic shoots arise from
dormant buds, although someone recently showed me bud-like structures in
woundwood of Q. robur so perhaps it does produce adventitious buds.


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Subject: RE: Adventitious and dormant buds

Here in the US, "adventitious" means newly arisen.  These buds are newly
formed.  "Dormant"--latent, or more precisely stated, suppressed buds,
are carried along in the cambium as the tree expands.  Shoots from these
preexisting buds are more likely to form buttresses, and thus be more

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