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Re: Adventitious and dormant buds

Subject: Re: Adventitious and dormant buds
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 24 2007 11:44:14

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  Subject: RE: Adventitious and dormant buds

I can't lay my hands on sources at the moment but 'dormant' buds
originate from the primary shoot (original buds growing outwards with
each annual xylem increment) and adventitious buds occur when any
meristematic tissue, other than a primary shoot, produces bud initials.

SC  I spent a wonderful week in the lab with Shigo in the early '80s.  It was 
his first multi-day offering after retiring from Forest Service.  And it was 
a great group.  Among the dissections we did we were able to identify a "bud 
trace."  The obvious carrying forward of of that bud originating at the 
primary stem.  Anatomically interesting, but also a very meaningful forensic 
artifact.  "So Mr. Expert, did that failed sprout arise from an adventitious 
bud?"  I don't have my copy at hand but I imagine there are photos in Shigo's 
wood anatomy collection.

Scott Cullen

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