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Re: Ash dieback

Subject: Re: Ash dieback
From: Scott Cullen
Date: Dec 27 2007 15:18:56
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  Subject: Ash dieback

  I have been to look at an ash tree, directly next to a dirt track to some 
housing which was built within the last 30 years, with severe die back in its 
crown. I know ash dieback is considered to be caused by ploughing in fields 
close to hedge row trees but would soil compact cause the same problem
SC Seems a logical analog.  But in both cases an "abiotic" problem or a 
"people pressure disease (PPD)."

SC  In NE US over the last 30 years at least thare has been a problem with 
large, mature ashes that is generally described as "ash decline" and includes 
the phyiscal condition of dieback.  Dr. Craig Hibben had isolated a 
mycoplasma consistently associated with the condition, but there were 
implications of climate change, pot smoking under the trees by wayward youth, 
acid rain..........  I guess the point is to separate possibel casues, with 
abiotic and more infectious or pathogenic problems being the two big classes.

Scott Cullen

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