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Re: Ash dieback

Subject: Re: Ash dieback
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 27 2007 18:09:54
In a message dated 27/12/2007 13:50:30 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I know  ash dieback is considered to be caused by ploughing in fields close 
to hedge  row trees but would soil compact cause the same  problem

I'd've said both were factors rather than basic causes; the reduction  in 
vigour/vitality caused by compaction or repeated root damage lets any number  
other factors get a foothold. But don't ignore the possibility of  
retrenchment; there's stacks of trees around Sheffield that seem to react in  
this way. 
IMHO plenty of these are caused by the over-application of grass  killing 
chemicals, overdoing the crown lifting, compaction and general  unintended 
from strimmers and the like. 
We also need to consider do bigger, heftier tractors get ever closer to  
trees than a horse drawn plough? (or similar drawn by a little-grey-Fergy.) 
the potential for root damage is greater.
Come to think of it we ought to be looking out even more for field-side  
trees cos cereal prices have tripled, set-aside's finished, and your average  
Barley-Baron is going to be looking at getting production upped.


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