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Re: Tree Stability in Wet Weather

Subject: Re: Tree Stability in Wet Weather
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 28 2007 16:27:29
In a message dated 28/12/2007 13:53:09 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Not sure  what the comment: “Sometimes it can be just a matter of pruning 
some branches  back” relates to though?

Saw several examples of trees apparently keeling over due to weakened wet  
soils this summer(?) Particularly a row of pollarded Pops, which IMO were  
overdue for repeat pollarding. The lot were removed but I suspect they could  
been pollarded and left to grow on again; just a matter of pruning branches  
The floods were interesting (well I found it interesting) for illustrations  
of soil shear-strength being reduced by waterlogging, sometimes where you'd  
least expect it.


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