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RE: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Subject: RE: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)
From: Chatfield, Matthew
Date: Nov 07 2008 15:38:05
I don't think I have ever seen a hedgerow relocation scheme that would
not have been easier, better and cheaper by firstly admitting that it is
actually a hedgerow destruction combined with a hedgerow creation, and
then planting brand new hedge plants grown from local stock. 

Admittedly fully coppiced hazel stools might be about the best
candidates for such a treatment that you could select. But a hedgerow
cannot be moved intact any more than a woodland can; as a hedgerow is so
much more than just the plants and the soil profile. So unless it's a
very simple and cheap operation save the money and use it for other
biodiversity/landscape improvements instead. 

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Subject: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Good afternoon people

I am currently looking at the possibility of translocation two 10m 
sections of hedgerow (hazel coppice predominately).

Save for having to work within  hedgerow/habitat regs of which I will 
address as necessary:

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/opinions as to the success
such operations
If anyone has any method statements/management plans as to the actual 
operational process/aftercare that i could possibly have a copy of. 
Any pointers as to where such information can be obtained. 

Please contact of forum if necessary.

Best Regards


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