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RE: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Subject: RE: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)
From: Staden, Richard
Date: Nov 07 2008 17:55:07
There's lots of site related issues to have a look at to assess the
practicality of doing it. Here in the south west corner of Wales all our
hedges are associated with earth banks. Moving these is therefore part of
the operation. For this we use the biggest machines possible that the site
or budget permits. The best examples we did involved the use of a quarry
loader that picked up the whole structure and trundled into the adjoining
field, one bucket width at a time. Space, availability of equipment and
economies of scale play a part here of course.

Regarding the living growth material of the hedge, stool it hard to about
200mm above GL if you can. It's difficult to get taller stumps to stand back
upright afterwards. The smaller/younger the material the better, as big old
stools/rootballs tend to cause the mass of soil to break-up. Some trimming
and shaping-up afterwards with an excavator will be required and a
reasonably straight line can be achieved. The top profile however will
likely be more irregular. Try to avoid excess trimming afterwards though as
one of the key benefits of this approach is to retain the herb layer, intact
and on the outside, as far as possible. With that in mind you will have to
ascertain the type of machine to use depending on site constraints etc.

The end results justify the hassle if it's done right, and within the first
season or two look as if its been there for donkey's years. This 'mature'
look may of course  may not fit easily with an engineer's or client's
anticipation of a crisp new feature; some preparation might therefore be
needed on this front.

Do it in the dormant season otherwise massive watering will be needed.

Richard Staden
Landscape Officer
Conservation Team
County Hall
SA61 1TP
01437 XXXXXX
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From: Russell Jobson [] 
Sent: 07 November 2008 15:17
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Subject: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Good afternoon people

I am currently looking at the possibility of translocation two 10m 
sections of hedgerow (hazel coppice predominately).

Save for having to work within  hedgerow/habitat regs of which I will 
address as necessary:

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/opinions as to the success  of 
such operations
If anyone has any method statements/management plans as to the actual 
operational process/aftercare that i could possibly have a copy of. 
Any pointers as to where such information can be obtained. 

Please contact of forum if necessary.

Best Regards


Russ Jobson 
Assistant Arboricultural Officer  -  Planning  -  United Kingdom 
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Address: Cemex House, Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8TD 

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