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Re: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Subject: Re: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)
From: Simon Major
Date: Nov 11 2008 10:52:56

I've emailed you a video clip, and can send a method statement if still interested. We prepared a Devon hedgebank by cutting hedge back hard, and undercutting 1 side of the bank. Then after 1 growing season we moved it with 2 swing shovels with 2.4m grading buckets 1 digging / pushing, the other holding in place with upside down bucket. We slid 2.4m sections about 50cm at a time, moving up and down the hedge until it was all in new position about 10m away. Then put irrigation pipes under both sides. Took 1 day 2 machines + banksman. Common practice down here on smaller scale for visibility splays etc so fairly confident of success.



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Subject: Translocation of hedgrows. (old hazel coppice)

Good afternoon people

I am currently looking at the possibility of translocation two 10m
sections of hedgerow (hazel coppice predominately).

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