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occupiers liability

Subject: occupiers liability
From: paul hughes
Date: Nov 22 2008 13:50:10
My client has a woodland with mature trees that are in decline with ganoderma 
, HF etc present.
Several people enter the wood uninvited to exercise their dogs bowels (and 
legs) but there are clear warnings about trespass in place.
As the estate is an old peoples home with charitable status (including the 
woodland) there is little money in the pot for the felling 'necessary'.  I 
would like to be able to leave those trees deeper into the wood to a more 
natural decline dealing with the iffy ones by the drive and nearby bridle way.
Is a sign about trespass and stating the condition of the trees with a 
disclaimer enough to enable us to leave the deeper wood to its own devices? 
Or are we still culpable if a trespasser gets squashed?


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