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Re: occupiers liability

Subject: Re: occupiers liability
From: Andersonarb
Date: Nov 24 2008 17:43:07
In a message dated 24/11/2008 15:19:08 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Apparently  Simon Jenkins is trying to start a debate over the stifling
environment of  the safety culture:

"His words are intended to open a debate on  the subject and to encourage the
views from other voluntary organisations  involved in public participation
and activity"

How you can  participate I don't know but watch out, it might be coming  your

Thanks for posting that Jon, I'd heard Humphries singing his praises on  
Radio 4 on Saturday morning but didn't notice which rag had got the  article.
I was quite pleased to hear that Simon Jenkins (when did he bome a 'Sir?')  
was becoming chair of the NT. When I'm minded to read his columns and essays  
they always appear refreshingly open and apolitical and he seems to have set  
into his NT job with a certain zeal. Wonder what he'll make of the Kingston 
Lacy  avenue and other matters we've touched over the years....?

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