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Christmas Tree scrounge

Subject: Christmas Tree scrounge
From: J Dicker
Date: Nov 24 2008 20:36:34
Hi all

My daughter (Marianne 23) works for the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.  They put 
on great plays and do a lot of work with disaffected youth getting them 
motivated and active in all walks of life through theatre work.  She is 
hoping to scrounge a decent Christmas tree for a fundraising gala on 19 Dec.  
Contact me off-forum if you can help.  Thanks.

Jerry Dicker




      JERRY DICKER  BA (Oxon), DTEO (Man), Tech Cert (Arbor A)

      58 High Street, Thornbury, BS35 2AN,  

      Phone 01454 XXXXXX  Mobile:  07798 XXXXXX

      Email:   website:






If I wanted to get a Christmas tree donated to the Lyric would you have any 
ideas of who I could ask? Do you have any contacts in the London area? We 
just want one for our Christmas Gala to put in the foyer…you’ll earn me 
brownie points! 

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