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FW: Forestry Commission for sale

Subject: FW: Forestry Commission for sale
From: Burke Nick \(DEL\)
Date: Nov 25 2008 12:09:00
See below
From: Secretariat Public Enquiries
Sent: 25 November 2008 12:06
To: Burke Nick (DEL)
Subject: RE: Forestry Commission for sale

Thank you for your enquiry.
"There are two processes that are reviewing the management of the land
and assets that we manage in Scotland and England.
Ministers in the UK Government announced yesterday that over the next
year we will be conducting a study of the public forest land we manage
in England to identify how it can best contribute to achieving the aims
of The Government's Strategy for England's Trees Woods and Forests. See
our press release at
52D78025750B003F4CC3>  for further information.
In Scotland the Scottish Government has launched a consultation in
connection with its Climate Change Bill, in which it is seeking views on
its suggestion that it could lease to the private sector part of the
forest land managed by Forestry Commission Scotland. The income earned
from the leases could be reinvested in climate change projects, which
could include buying more land for woodland planting, and renewable
energy projects on public forest land. Ministers have stressed that the
land would not be sold out of public ownership. See our press release at
71099374C6C802574F2003D0555>  for further information."

Chris Wild
Public Enquiries
Silvan House
231 Corstorphine Road
EH12 7AT

Nick Burke 
Planning Officer - Arboriculture 
Environmental Planning, 
Development Services 
Sheffield City Council, 
Howden House 
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