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Re: Double Decker?

Subject: Re: Double Decker?
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Dec 05 2008 17:59:40
There used to be something like that (or was it a fire tender perhaps?) that some company used round here for roadside work. You could always tell where it had been because of the line of pruning cuts made directly over the kerbline, with a glorious disregard for such niceties as target pruning. And of course all the subsequent regrowth made sure that the work had to be redone within a year or two. More recently I've been noticing much the same effect alongside trunk roads due to contractors using powered pole-saws.

Weaver, Martin wrote:
Dear UKTC'ers
Does anyone out there have a photo or information about using a converted
open top double decker for tree works.  I'm sure some where in the deepest
darkest memories having a conversation with someone about this (maybe
somewhere in London) and any info out there would be much appreciated.
If you prefer to contact me off forum details below! Thanks in advance Martin Weaver
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