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Re: Double Decker?

Subject: Re: Double Decker?
From: J Dicker
Date: Dec 05 2008 18:00:02

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Subject: RE: Double Decker?

Sorry should have stated any mods or specifications to the bus to improve
speed, safety and time?

If my memory serves me right the double decker was completely altered so a
chipper was placed with the feed upstairs, cut material was then dropped
down through the chipper and then out the back of the bus to a trailer?  Or
are my dreams far to weird, actually don't answer that one!!

JD: Martin, Martin - wonderful visions. I tried Matthew's southern vectis website but unfortunately no pics of the dedicated tree decker. I don't know about improving speed. I should think that 30 mph was fast enough to prune trees as you go past. This sounds like the mother of all mewps. You could probably retain the upholstered seating for tea breaks or maybe the cutting could be done from a sitting position - a good working position. Hurry and get the patent. Keep us updated.

Jerry Dicker

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