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Re: Double Decker?

Subject: Re: Double Decker?
From: J Dicker
Date: Dec 08 2008 08:49:03
Also a video of the bus in action titled "Secret Weapon to Fight the Foliage." Excellent.

Jerry Dicker

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The West Sussex bus was purchased last year having previously hired one in
from one of the bus companies.  After a bit of modification, it came into
service this summer.  I havn't worked with it myself but have had a look
over it.  It's big & white with 'West Sussex Highways' plastered all over
it.  It had lots of local press attention at the time of it's launch, so
you may find some photos on line (haven't looked myself).  I remember it
made local TV news too.

It's (obviously) an open top vehicle, with a reinforced, raised platform
along the nearside edge, for about one third of the length, with railings
on both sides of the platform & anchor points along the length.

The practicalities of mounting a chipper down below are still being
reviewed - there are concerns about weight distibution, vehicle handling,
vibration, & lisencing issues I believe.

Current practice involves 2 operatives on the working platform, one
holding & one cutting.  Arisings are stacked in the well behing the
platform. Communication with the driver is via the original bell (ding
ding).  When full, the bus procedes to a pre-designated lay-by & the load
is offloaded - not sure whether manually or by ropes - to be chipped by a
waiting chipper.

I can put you in contact with the chap who ran the procurement project if
you like.  He can give you more detailed info than I can & probably photos
as well.


Graham Mundie
West Sussex Highways

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05/12/2008 15:56
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Double Decker?

Dear UKTC'ers

Does anyone out there have a photo or information about using a converted
open top double decker for tree works.  I'm sure some where in the deepest
darkest memories having a conversation with someone about this (maybe
somewhere in London) and any info out there would be much appreciated.

If you prefer to contact me off forum details below!

Thanks in advance

Martin Weaver
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