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Re: Double Decker?

Subject: Re: Double Decker?
From: John . Blessington
Date: Dec 08 2008 11:23:22

Don't think I can better that, but having been elephant trekking through
the jungle in golden triangle, the damned things just rip out trees right
left and centre for sport, or just to prove they can, or casual vandalism
or something. Anyway I wouldn't let them anywhere near an amenity tree.
They are still quite widely used for timber extraction around the region
though as presumably cheaper than buying in any heavy kit (which seems to
go by the general name of 'Japanese elephant'). The elephant is certainly
an impressive bit of kit though and when all the oil has run out they'll
bound to be in great demand, so buy one now while they're cheap!

<<I have a photo I took in Thailand of municiple street trees being pruned
by one guy standing on the back of an elephant, while another kept it under
Anyone seen anything better/odder?>>

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