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Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 08 2008 14:54:19
In a message dated 08/12/2008 12:49:59 GMT Standard Time, writes:

But all  jokes aside at the 
moment there are thousands and thousands of tones of  cut timber left at 
roadside with no market. The mills have no demand due  to total collapse of 
market. I think soon we will see lovely great big  machines on Ebay. So may 
be in the future demand will be so small that low  out put practises will 
indeed come of age  again.

I understand that sales of woodburning stoves are currently one of the few  
economic growth areas, so I can't see the redundant logs at ride-side 
 there for too long. So bang go your (and mine as well) hopes of picking up a 
 cheap forwarder as well..... I guess there is a degree of snobbery(?) in not 
 wanting to be seen as a firewood man instead of a timber man?
PS I could do with half-a-dozen bolsters for our timber wagon. Anyone know  
of any of those aluminium ones kicking about unused and unloved anywhere? Be 
 improvement on our usual square section tubing all bent and  mangled....

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