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Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 08 2008 19:59:55
In a message dated 08/12/2008 18:20:38 GMT Standard Time, writes:

But  seriously, isn't this a sound thing for everyone to be  doing?

I'd've said so, what species are you planting Jerry? And who sells 100  1+1s? 
I wouldn't have thought it would have been worth their while sticking them  
in a bag!
Anybody got any thoughts on alternative coppice species? Other than Ash I  
mean. I've been burning some Alder recently, cut from the shoals on the River 
Don. Removed in the cause of getting Jon Tesh (in Doncaster) flooded more  
quickly. I've been quite impressed with its burning characteristics. 
I've often pondered whether stuff like False Acacia might do OK on spoil  
heaps, as well as providing coppice wood, it might rapidly improve poor soil 
being a nitrogen fixing legume and what have you. But then again my soil 
science  is rubbish.
I'd be interested to know what any others of might think/have  experienced. 

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