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RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Burke Nick \(DEL\)
Date: Dec 09 2008 09:23:52
But seriously, isn't this a sound thing for everyone to be doing?

Well there is quite a bit of community forestry going out there to
encourage people to re plant trees. I used to work on one here in
Sheffield and we used to give out trees for free which proved quite
popular. I myself do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint by growing
trees from seed. Unfortunately I have a tendency to grow them up and
turn them into bonsai trees. I suspect this works out to me putting the
keys in the ignition perhaps I should let some of them grow. How about
eucalyptus as a coppice species? I read that it has one of the best
Kcal(?) in terms of burning. 

Nick Burke
Planning Officer - Arboriculture
Environmental Planning, 
Development Services
Sheffield City Council, 
Howden House
1 Union Street, 
S1 2SH

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