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RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Topher Martyn
Date: Dec 09 2008 10:32:04
Well we've just started to move into a bit of firewood here in West London.  
All timber too big to chip is cut into rounds, split with a Hy-Crack, piled 
up under a souyth-facign corrugated iron shelter, and left

I have a sign on my gate saying logs for sale.  People call me up (work days 
only) and get a bag for £4 or a pickup delivered for £75.  I suspect they'd 
pay more, but it is mixed quality, and I am primarily interested in turning a 
waste material into cash sustainably, and having happy customers.

SO far we're up to about £400 in about six weeks, with almost no effort, 
which has covered half the cost of the splitter, although we're running very 
short of logs..  Now cutting and splitting 4' butt of Cedar of Lebanon, which 
we can sell this side of Christmas, and a good-sized Manna Ash which should 
be marketable in late winter.

Pretty easy.  Oh, and although it is premium firewood, we're leaving a big 
collapsed hornbeam out in the Park as it looks great and provides a good bit 
of habitat.


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From: benfuest [] 
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Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Planting trees for fuel wood for sure is a relatively inexpensive operation, 
however one day the crop needs to be realised. So do you get contractors in 
to fell it convert to 2m length extract to ride side with tractor trailer, 
to be loaded to a lorry and driven to yard unloaded, staked. left for a 
while, then cut into blocks. then split and shipped out. All sounds like a 
lot of expense to me. Two bods to fell and extract, £300 per day, inc 
machine. Lorry haulage £8.00 per tone. Yard expenses plus cut and split £200 
per day, then deliver.

Alternatively you could fell it and block it in the wood load to pick ups 
and ship out direct to customer, let them sit on it for a few months. This 
way the contractor does not have to wait to realise profit or invest in 
tractors and trailers and Lorry haulage. Also stops last minute rush for 
fuel wood and keeps prices realistic. Plus in the summer months the ground 
conditions are better suited to this type of work.

How do you do it ?
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Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 9:23 AM
Subject: RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

But seriously, isn't this a sound thing for everyone to be doing?

Well there is quite a bit of community forestry going out there to
encourage people to re plant trees. I used to work on one here in
Sheffield and we used to give out trees for free which proved quite
popular. I myself do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint by growing
trees from seed. Unfortunately I have a tendency to grow them up and
turn them into bonsai trees. I suspect this works out to me putting the
keys in the ignition perhaps I should let some of them grow. How about
eucalyptus as a coppice species? I read that it has one of the best
Kcal(?) in terms of burning.

Nick Burke
Planning Officer - Arboriculture
Environmental Planning,
Development Services
Sheffield City Council,
Howden House
1 Union Street,
S1 2SH

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