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Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 09 2008 11:16:02
In a message dated 09/12/2008 10:38:28 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Interesting Topher, off the top of your head could you convert that  into man 
hours for your £400

I bet it's a lot....
The way I see it, the firewood sums don't add up unless you're running it  on 
the back of another enterprise; if your contracting business covers the cost  
of the pick up for delivery, the tractor to drive the splitter, and supplies 
you  with the basic material then it might just add up, but it's a lot of 
for  not a lot of return.
Have a look at (  for 
prices and the  mans reasonable philosophy, dunno if he makes any money 
even at his  (what I'd say were quite high) prices.
Also see our own Ken Linford's website _www.lancashirelogs.com_ 
(  and note his  drying in poly-tunnels. he 
doesn't mention 
prices though....
Personally it seems to me that you've got to cut and stack about 250 tonnes  
of firewood in feb/march to sell about november, which seems like a lot of 
work  to have in the bank, so to speak. If you've got space for a shed for 
250  tonnes then the shed might cost you £10k and the firewood might be worth 
£30k,  well it all looks a bit marginal, even if you've paid for the plant  
But overall; I dunno, cutting logs for yourself somehow seems more  rewarding 
than selling them.

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