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RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Hare, Gareth
Date: Dec 09 2008 13:38:28

So were all in agreement, we can`t do on the cheep. Fuel wood is and
will be an expensive option that just makes us feel good, nothing wrong
that. Having said that there is now in vogue wood fuel for bio mass, and

that is just processed fire wood, Spam. This requires a much more
commercial approach. The supply chain is everything, I think the
must be done in such a way as to assist in the harvesting and conversion

process and the storage facility must marry to the hopper for feed to 

Absolutely. Although even if the income is minimal it usually offsets
something else i.e. disposal etc. I suppose that on the face of it, if
all the on-costs were attributed to that one operation it couldn't be
made to add up. However there are very few people out there who operate
on a purely firewood basis and I suspect that if they did they would
benefit from the economies of scale of running a larger operation.
Businesses just aren't that simple. The feel good factor is certainly
there though, even if its just in a well constructed and well filled log

I worked on some of the early src trials in Humberside and they seemed
to be going well when I left em. I suppose a modified forager should be
able to handle src as long as its not left too long. Anyone harvesting
src currently and can shed some light? Has Miscanthus stolen its thunder
to some extent?

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