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Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: anthony mills
Date: Dec 09 2008 15:43:38
2008/12/9 benfuest <>

So were all in agreement, we can`t do on the cheep. Fuel wood is and always
will be an expensive option that just makes us feel good, nothing wrong with
that. Having said that there is now in vogue wood fuel for bio mass, and
that is just processed fire wood, Spam. This requires a much more committed
commercial approach. The supply chain is everything, I think the planting
must be done in such a way as to assist in the harvesting and conversion
process and the storage facility must marry to the hopper for feed to
Hello -  the NHS Trust I work for installed 3 new wood-pellet fired boilers
at a hospital in Surrey last March, and we all applauded the change to a
renewable and cheaper fuel.  The price of wood pellet then was about £175
per tonne = 3.5p/Kwh, cheaper than heating oil per Kwh, which went to nearly
70p per Kwh in July. The price now is close to £250 per tonne or 5p/Kwh
while oil has dropped to 35p per litre or 4.2p/Kwh with scarce supplies and
very few suppliers of pellet.

 Since they use about 7 tonnes a week, the Trust is not happy with these
changes... nor with the prospect of wood becoming even scarcer and more
Anthony Mills

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