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RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Subject: RE: Alternative extraction/conversion etc
From: Howe, Ron
Date: Dec 10 2008 10:00:34
Ben's said ... "sometimes I work a local estate feeling and extracting for 
wood fuel chip, in its second year I think. But give it two more and they 
will have to start importing from elsewhere, then what happens. 1/4 million 
pounds worth of kit going rusty."

I went to an RFS meet at an estate in Kent, this year, and they'd installed a 
massive communal wood burner to power some of the estate homes and a 
conference centre ... But they had estate staff going round picking up all 
the deadwood, and brashings from their chestnut coppice etc. So, self 
sustaining, great model, but nothing for outsiders. However, one of our local 
contractors collects and sells biomass (all their wood chips) to Grundons who 
pick it up and ship out bulk to power stations. I think there is a slowly 
developing market, but you all have to get together to bulk store. As you've 
noted ... When people have to start paying higher prices for the fuel, it 
will cancel out the savings and they'll lose interest and faith.

Ron Howe
Planning Tree Officer
Mole Valley District Council
Direct Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

Anthony really good info, I am not at all surprised though. Last year hear in 
the Brecon Beacons we there was a bio mass/wood fuel get together thing in a 
field with lot of reps from boiler companies with lots of info on boiler 
performance, all very credible. But like I said supply chain is every thing 
and personally I don't think the infrastructure is there or indeed the timber 
product to convert. The subject pushes the right buttons and there are people 
out there trying to fund Unimogs at 60k plus chippers and trailers in the 
hope of procuring contracts to fulfil a perceived demand. 
But where is the crop to harvest ? miles away and it gets further away every 
year as local supplies dry up.

  People don¬t like commercial 2m spacing of rapid poplar, but that is what 
is required to keep it all going. You can go out tomorrow and buy a boiler 
and a computer to run it, but no amount of money will make the trees grow any 
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Subject: Re: Alternative extraction/conversion etc

2008/12/9 benfuest <>

So were all in agreement, we can`t do on the cheep. Fuel wood is and 
always will be an expensive option that just makes us feel good, 
nothing wrong with that. Having said that there is now in vogue wood 
fuel for bio mass, and that is just processed fire wood, Spam. This 
requires a much more committed commercial approach. The supply chain 
is everything, I think the planting must be done in such a way as to 
assist in the harvesting and conversion process and the storage 
facility must marry to the hopper for feed to boiler.
Hello -  the NHS Trust I work for installed 3 new wood-pellet fired 
boilers at a hospital in Surrey last March, and we all applauded the 
change to a renewable and cheaper fuel.  The price of wood pellet then 
was about £175 per tonne = 3.5p/Kwh, cheaper than heating oil per Kwh, 
which went to nearly 70p per Kwh in July. The price now is close to 
£250 per tonne or 5p/Kwh while oil has dropped to 35p per litre or 
4.2p/Kwh with scarce supplies and very few suppliers of pellet.

 Since they use about 7 tonnes a week, the Trust is not happy with these 
changes... nor with the prospect of wood becoming even scarcer and more 
Anthony Mills

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