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RE: Anyone know of an insurance precedent!?...

Subject: RE: Anyone know of an insurance precedent!?...
From: Liam McKarry
Date: Dec 12 2008 09:57:40
I would assume that as long as you can say that you haven't undertaken
long term management of the trees in question i.e. you did this as a one
off, you can make a case saying we undertook the works for 'whatever
reason' - which does not confer either ownership or assumed management,
it just means you're being a diligent authority. On the other hand if
you have been managing the trees for some time there may be a level of
assumed liability.

Tell them to go to land registry and find the real owners but advise
your own legal dept of the situation.

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But tree  pruning doesn't automatically assume  

Just say "we made a mistake." It does happen, and to all of us
Insurance Companies, who will no doubt be mistaken in their attribution
of blame 
 to the trees.

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