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RE: Anyone know of an insurance precedent!?...

Subject: RE: Anyone know of an insurance precedent!?...
From: Howe, Ron
Date: Dec 12 2008 10:47:05

The exact same thing happened to me around 7 years ago and the District 
Council were found liable. The result was that the District Council 
underwrote itself and paid £90,000 to the insurers for the rebuilding of a 
bungalow. The building had suffered immense damage from a large Weeping 
Willow, actually owned by the County Council, that we had pruned over a path 
leading to a local park. The works had been done by my predecessor over a 
number of years, including the removal of deadwood and pruning back in 
response to cracking of the building. The previous TO just assumed it was the 
District Council's tree.

Ron Howe
Planning Tree Officer
Mole Valley District Council
Direct Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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Subject: Anyone know of an insurance precedent!?...


I'm currently trying to fight an insurance claim:

I work for a local authority and we recently pruned some trees that had been 
cited in an insurance claim. We have since found out that the trees were on 
private land and we are trying to avoid being involved. The insurance company 
is saying that, I quote:

"Given that the Council's contractors did undertake work to the trees, this 
would show that the Council exercised ownership and/or control. Accordingly, 
we consider that the Council are the appropraie defendents in this matter."

Can anyone help me out with this one?




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