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Log prices/weight?

Subject: Log prices/weight?
From: Russell Jobson
Date: Dec 12 2008 11:25:17
Hello People

As an aside to a recent thread where log prices were discussed I was 
wondering the following:

From travelling around I estimate £75  to be average for a pick-up load. 
What, in tonage, do people think that equates to? (granted this would be 
variable dependant on type of timber/green/dried etc but a general average 
will do)

I ask as I noted that a large wood yard near me, is selling split hardwood 
(most likely fresh timber) delivered (25 mile radius) @ £399 - 3 ton   & 
£325   - 1.5 ton. 

Festive regards


Russ Jobson 
Assistant Arboricultural Officer  -  Planning  -  United Kingdom 
Office : +44(01932)XXXXXX , Fax: +44(01932)XXXXXX ,  Mobile: 
Address: Cemex House, Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8TD 

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